Water Disinfection Ionizers

Biophysica Inc’s Water Ionizers for purification of ponds, swimming pools, cooling towers and more – both residential and commercial

  • reduce chlorine and other chemicals
  • safe for people, fish, plants
  • no odor
  • reduce irritation: eyes, ears, skin, hair
  • sanitary
  • green: environmentally friendly
  • cost-effective

Cooling towers and swimming pool water disinfectionWelcome to electroionization.com. Here you will find the most advanced water ionization system for disinfecting polluted water and ensuring safe clean drinking water. The Biophysica Zeta Ionization Purifier disinfects water using water ionization technology which dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine used in swimming pools by at least ten times.

Zeta Potential, carried by copper and silver ions from the electrodes, restructures the water and injects trace amounts of biocompatible atoms and ions into your drinking, cooking, swimming, washing and cooling waters. Only a Zeta ionizer keeps the water safe and sanitary by killing dangerous micro-organisms including parasites and viruses. Consequently Ionization is now replacing chlorine in drinking water, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and hot tubs. In contrast to oxidizers like chlorine, bromine, ozone, peroxide which are known carcinogenic agents and cause lung damage when inhaled, the Positive Zeta Potential, precious metal atoms and ions (in trace amounts) act as catalysts and do not lose their Zeta electrical charge which has a residual potency lasting for many months.

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